Website designer, do I really need one?

Website designer, do I really need one? It’s true you can get a basic website completely free from the likes of Goddady and However there is a catch, as there normally is when things come for free! They are only free for so long, then usually a high monthly cost is attached to keep your website running. This is how they recoup their costs. There are also other pit falls from setting up a “Free” website that might cost you more than having your own built for you.

Other things to watch out for with “Free” websites:

  • You only rent your website from your provider. This means you have almost no control over your website and the code it is written with. This makes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) impossible, or extremely expensive as you will need to buy it from your provider.
  • You have little choice over the way your website looks and the functionalities provided. The only way companies can provide you will “Free” websites is to have a few templates that they use. This means everyone website is the same and more difficult to SEO. You will be able to add your logo and use your brand colours. But the nuts and bolts of your website will be the same as everyone else’s.
  • The company that provides you with your “Free” website purchases your domain name (web address) your domain name then belongs to them. Then they charge you hundreds of pounds to release it, when it costs them less than ££20 per year.
  • You can never move your website away from them, they own the code and copyright not you.
  • You have to compete with you “Free” website provider’s keywords on your website. Basically this means you are promoting which ever “Free” website company you use. Keywords are the most often used words on your website. If you have another business promoting on your website it will dilute your keywords. This make’s marketing much more difficult.

Website designer, do I really need one?

None of this is an issue with a website built by me at Kellys-Webdesigns. You will own your website copyright and all, you are able to do anything you wish with your website, it’s yours after all!
Your website can look how you want and it will be built to work for your business.

I never register clients domain names to me. If the client isn’t able to purchase a domain name, I am happy to do so. However I always purchase the domain name and register it in their name – you will own it.

I request to place one link back to my website. But only if the client agrees, so as not to affect the website’s keywords.

There are many other benefits to getting an expert website designer to create a website for you. If you would like to find out more please contact me. I’m more than happy to chat through the right option for you.

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