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Do I need a website? If you search the web there are many people shouting, “These days a website is essential for business!”, but is it?

Here are my top 5 reasons for having a website:

Reason One: A website will work when you can’t or don’t want to!
The beauty of a website is that it works 24/7 365 days of the year! It can promote you, sell for you, attract new clients and “talk” to more than one person at a time. No human person could work that and even if they could you wouldn’t want to pay for it! The cost to run a website is a tiny fraction compare to hiring an employee and, when used properly can generate its costs in sales and leads.

Reason Two: A website is the perfect salesperson
Once you have all your information inputted into your website, it is always accurate and always tell the client the right thing. It can be your perfect sales person, if like me it’s not your favourite thing to do, you can point people to your website and it can do the work for you!

Reason Three: Make your website your marketing tool
Whether you supply a service or sell products a website gives you another outlet to showcase your business. Customers can learn about you and see what you sell or service you supply, this therefore gives you a platform to send people to. Marketing your business online, without a website can be very difficult as there is nowhere to send your clients to.

Do I need a website?

Reason Four: A showcase for your work / portfolio
The massive advantage of having samples of your work all in one place is that everyone can see how great you are. In business competition can be fierce you need to showcase everything you have done! If you won’t tell people how great you are, why should anyone else?

Reason Five: Keep your current client updated
Make your website the place to “be” for your clients, give them all your updated info regularly. Sales and promotions aimed at your current clients can be especially effective when placed on your website.

*Please note: the above reasons relate to having a well working, search engine optimised website that is working at its best.

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