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10 Week Interactive Zoom Course

My Page Speed Optimisation Course is a 10 week interactive Zoom course that will take you through all the steps you need to increase your WordPress websites page speed. In addition, it will also increase your WordPress websites optimisation in general as well!

My vision is to help business owners understand the importance of their websites. My mission is for every UK business owner (with a website) to know how well their website performs and to have a strategy to improve / maintain it.

I would love to improve the performance of my WordPress website Kelly, but I’ve heard its expensive!

That’s why I created this course! I genuinely want to help business owners improve their WordPress websites performance. Website performance isn’t something every web designer considers or even attempts to do. Some web designers aren’t even aware they should be doing it.

This is what gets me so excited to be sharing this information with you! If your website code is the best, it can be for Google (it will never be perfect for Google) then you have the best chance at the top ranking you’re after. If you’re doing something good that your competitors aren’t, you will rank in a better position compared to them.

Okay Kelly but what is Page Speed Optimisation,
why do I need it?

I specialise in WordPress website performance optimisation. Website performance optimisation is the general term for improving the code and structure of a website so it is the best it can be for Google. Page Speed is a measurement Google uses, it is the time is takes for a person to click your website link in Google and then have the visible part of your website load for them. So, everything that I do for performance optimisation is to get a better Page Speed score in Google. And I specialise in doing this for WordPress websites.

Basically, I make your website load faster! This is important because aside from the wording on your page, this is one of the next biggest ranking factors in search engines. You may have all the right words on your website, it maybe keyword perfect, but if it takes ages to load no one will wait around to view it. Google will notice this (it will be part of your bounce rate) and you will lose your top ranking, or never get there in the first place.

You could have two identical websites, one with page speed optimisation and one without. The one with the optimisation will always rank better in Google.

This is what I want for you.

Wow, that sounds complicated! I have no tech skills, I have never even logged into the admin area of my website, I will never be able to do this course!

That’s great! You won’t have any habits yet! But seriously you don’t need any tech skills. As long as you can point and click a mouse you will be able to complete the course. Even better, we will all be screen sharing on Zoom so I will be able to see your screen, if you get stuck I can tell you where to click. You will be put in a group no bigger than 25 so I will be able to help you one on one if needed.

Traditionally the reason most web designers don’t do page speed optimisation is they think it is too complicated. Most stick to the traditional keyword optimisation, which is optimising the words on your website. This course looks at the code and structure of your website to make sure it is the best it can be for Google rather than the words.

Yes, I know that sounds scary! But please don’t panic. I have come up with a course that allows you to make the improvements you need without knowing anything about websites or coding. In fact, if you had your login details you could do the course right this second, with no prep. I’m there with you taking you through every stage. There is no way you can ruin anything and if a mistake were to happen, we will just go back a stage and fix it.

Will this course give me a perfect
page score in Google?

No. Let me explain, no one 100% knows what will get a perfect page score. We have guidelines but Google can change them at any time. Also, whilst this is a very comprehensive course, I can’t include everything I do to increase page speed as I do delve into the code when I do this on a 1-2-1 basis. I like to call my coding skills my little bag of coding tricks and that side of things does include a lot of tech skill. This is why most web designer don’t bother. The slight gains to ring the best possible performance out of a website don’t seem worth the effort. However, because of this attitude they miss out the broad strokes, which is what I will be teaching you!

My Guarantee

I believe in working in integrity so if at the end of the course (as long as you have followed every step) your website is still not achieving an improvement for page speed, I will personally take a look. If needed I will delve into my coding page of tricks to make the improvements needed. The only proviso for this is if in my option you have already achieved the best page speed out of your website, and it is your theme that needs to be redesigned to see improvements.  

We can only increase the page speed of the website you have if your theme is the issue your website will need to be redesigned.

What should you do now?

Sign Up to register your interest! I’m about to launch a beta version of this course. If you reserve your place today (with you name and email address) you will be eligible for a discount of over 40%.

A beta version is just the first time you run a new version of the course. To be eligible for the discount you must be willing to give constructive criticism on all aspects of the course. A questionnaire will be sent out at the end of each session for you to complete (it will only take a couple of minutes) and you will be given the chance to feedback live on the final Zoom session.

I would be delighted to see you on my Page Speed Optimisation Course and help you get that Google ranking you deserve