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If you have had a WordPress website for a while you might notice that things get a little clunky and slow.

This is because, depending on your settings your database might be saving every revision you have ever made. After a while this can really add up and slow down your database.

Now messing with the database on your website isn’t something anyone recommends for beginners. However as long as you backup your website and the database before you make any changes, if something does go wrong you always have a backup to restore. There are a lot of Plugins out there that will remove these revisions, I like to use: Advanced Database Cleaner

Don’t forget before you make ANY changes BACKUP and include the database – I use this backup plugin: UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

And to stop so many revisions being saved in the future you can use the plugin: Disable WP Revisions

Spring clean your house? Spring clean your website!

Also, you Media section can also get filled up with images that no longer appear on your website. Just take a few minutes to look through your uploaded media section and delete out anything you are no longer using.

Free up as much space on your server as possible. You should never just leave an image on your server in case you will use it in the future. Save the image to a file on your computer and if you need it upload it again. The same with video.

If you don’t regularly backup and update your website, why not do it as well! Your website will thank you for it! (See backup plugin above) Please backup before you make any updates, if anything goes wrong you have something to roll back to.

Spring cleans are not just for your house, check in on your website and give it a little spruce too!

Let me know!

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Until next time, happiness is fleeting, strive for contentment. Gowns on!

Kelly (Your WordPress Queen) x

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