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Website Monthly Maintenance – It is very important to keep your website updated and maintained. If you don’t look after your website, you are at higher risk of being hacked. You will also find it very difficult to rank in search engines, such as Google. Consequently, all our websites have a monthly maintenance package attached to them. As a result, this give our customers the best chance possible to get the most out of their website.

All of our website include a mandatory website monthly maintenance package. Costing £30.00 per month. However, we are happy to take on maintenance clients who had their website built elsewhere.

Included in our Website Monthly Maintenance Package – £30 per month:website monthly maintenance

  • Domain Name Fee – You never need worry about your domain name again, all renewals and maintenance is included.
  • Hosting Fee – We provide the most up-to-date and secure hosting available, with all maintenance covered.
  • Weekly Backups – Backups are essential, unfortunately there are people on the web who make a living from hacking website and piggybacking on your hosting and website to promote their own cause/product. If the worse does happen and you don’t have a backup of your website, you could be looking at hundreds of pounds to fix the issue. With our backup system, we guarantee that if you are hacked we will have your website up and running within 48 hours for no extra charge. We are committed to helping our clients as much as possible from this crime therefore we look at this as an insurance policy, it is important to us that you have peace of mind.
  • Security Updates – Your new website will be at a higher risk of hacking if you don’t keep your website updated. This includes the latest security updates. Unfortunately, it is no always a simple as pressing the update button. With multiple updates you can often have conflict issues. One Plugin may need an update but another is yet to catch up. Therefore, we take the hassle of keeping track of all this by doing it for you.
  • WordPress Maintenance – As with security updates WordPress itself needs updating. This is not only for security issues, but it is also essential to make sure the code for your website is the most up to date available.


  • x4 blog updates, with full SEO – We will so all the technical bit of getting your blog online. You just send us the words and images!

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