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Kelly Web Designs - About the business

Kellys Web Designs was founded in 2009 by Kelly Mayne. Kellys Web Designs has enjoyed working with the local businesses of Hinckley and the surrounding area’s for 11 over years. Including Barwell, Earl Shilton, Cosby. As well as, Nuneaton, Braunstone, Coventry, Loughborough, Leicester and South Wigston.

Not that we are limited to our local area! With Zoom and email we are able to work with clients all over the England and therefore the world! We have also worked with clients in Norfolk, London, Wales, as well as, Bangladesh and many more.

At Kellys Web Designs we love to work with small to medium size businesses. We find that SME’s really care about the web design project and are dedicated to its success. We have worked for many SME’s in the Hinckley, Burbage, Leicestershire area.


To help business owners understand the importance of their websites.


For every UK business owner (with a website) to know how well their website performs and to have a strategy to improve / maintain it.

About Kellys Web Designs

Kelly Mayne - Bio

Kelly created Kellys Web Designs in 2011 after discovering her passion for web design from a book taken out of her local library. Her ability to “go down the rabbit hole” knows no bounds and due to her obsession for learning more and more code, she was able her to create the thriving business she runs today.

Born in 1985 Kelly enjoyed an intense childhood of competition and academic achievement. Kelly discovered trampoline at the local Leisure Centre through a family friend and never looked back. Every training session her blond bob could be seen flying through the sky’s, not that much has changed these days – apart from the hair! Every weekend was dedicated to traveling around the country to compete, at which she was successful.

Always the studious pupil Kelly won a scholarship to Bablake School in Coventry and continued to excel and enjoy her studies. University, although always the plan, wasn’t possible when the time came. Due to a mental health issue Kelly was never able to sit her A-Level exams, not that that stopped her ambition to achieve!

Kelly is now married with a son and lives in the Midlands in the UK. Her family is her main focus, and she loves her life. She gets to run a business she is passionate about and spend her time with the people she loves all day every day. More than anything in the world she wants everyone to feel as contented as she is about her life, about theirs. Kelly is dedicated to seeing this happen with the creation of The Dressing Gown Guild. A Facebook group dedicated to business owners or aspiring business that work from home and helping them achieve their website, business and personal goals for contentment.