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Nothing ranks better on Google than a well written, speedy website with lots of relevant content

If you don’t know where to start and the idea of building a website just makes you crazy, don’t fear, Kelly is here! I can help with all your website build needs. I am a webmaster after all!

Web Design Services at Kellys Web Designs

Web design can be a confusing and complicated process. I understand that it can be difficult to know what you need from a website. Particularly if you have never had a website before. Even if you know what you would like from a website, achieving it can often be a challenge, especially without help.

That’s where I come in! I am a professional web designer / webmaster who is ready and willing to chat through your needs to find the right solution for you and your business. With over 12 years experience in web design, I not only create designs that look great, but I create websites with Page Speed Optimisation in mind. Meaning your website that is the “best it can be” for Google as well as your clients.

I offer a FREE Web Design Consultation so we can chat through your needs. Whether you are looking for a brochure website, that gives information but doesn’t sell anything (or has less than 10 products). Or a full-blown e-commerce website, to sell your product catalogue, I can help. I have created lots of successful websites for small to medium size businesses over the years.

Why Choose Kellys Web Designs to Build Your WordPress Website?

My vision for Kellys Web Design is to help business owners understand the importance of their websites. My mission is for every UK business owner (with a website) to know how well their website performs and have a strategy to improve / maintain in.

But my aim is to help every business owner to create a WordPress website that works for them. Creating websites that work for my clients that generate leads and sales is my passion. No matter how many options the “website builder” style websites give you, they can never give you my experience and expertise in create a website that is suitable for your business. They also can give you the page speed optimisation and performance I can.

All my websites are fully responsive, meaning they will be happily viewable on any devise, mobile, tablet etc, and will load in milliseconds.

Why choose Kellys Web Designs? Because I genuinely care, I want to build you an amazing website that will work for you. I care so much that all of my websites come with my amazing value standard maintenance package (£97 per month). Not only will I create a website that will work for your business, but I will help you do everything you need to do to market it online as well.

What's included in my WordPress Brochure Websites

FREE Web Design Consultation

So we can chat through your needs and make 100% sure that a WordPress brochure website is what you really need. You just need to book into my diary, and I will send the Zoom link over.

Up To 10 Main Pages and 5 Landing Pages

Google likes lots of good relevant content. To be able to start your website off with a bang I offer up to 10 main pages. These don’t all have to be linked to the navigation menu so please don’t worry about a confused navigation!

I also offer up to 5 landing pages – these are targeted pages attached to a sales funnel. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what I’m talking about all my websites come with my standard maintenance package that takes you through the sales funnel process. You don’t have to have these pages completed in the build stage if you’re not ready to use them. I will create the landing page and keep them in the background until you are ready.

Cookies and Privacy Policy Page

I can supply you with the content for this page unless you already have content you wish to use. This page is not included in your 10 main pages, it’s as well as them.

Terms and Conditions Page

If you require a terms and conditions page just let me know and I will add it for you. You will need to supply the content for the page. This page is not included in your 10 main pages, it’s as well as them.

Website Hosting

I will provide hosting for your website and the ongoing cost is included in the monthly maintenance package.

.co.uk Domain Name

I will purchase FOR YOU (it will be in your name) a .co.uk domain name of your choice. Or if you already have a domain name, we can use that. If you transfer your existing domain name over to my domain name control panel (basically so I look after it, I won’t own it) then the ongoing domain name costs are included in your monthly maintenance package. If you choose to keep your domain name where it is, it will be up to you to keep on top of the ongoing domain name renewal.

Unlimited Email Addresses

You can have as many email addresses set up as you need. Just let me know what you would like them to be, and I will send you over the set-up details.

SSL Certificate

Never worry about your SSL certificate again as it is part of the monthly maintenance package. An SSL certificate gives you the padlock symbol before your web address in a web browser. Google is now ranking websites based on whether or not they have an SSL.

Unlimited Forms

I will create a contact form for you for your contact page, but you can have as many as you wish. They come in particularly handy for landing pages as you can capture someone’s email address and send it to a specific place. Or if you use an automated newsletter service like Mailchimp or Mailerlite we can use their capture forms instead.

Design of Your Choice

As I’m building you a bespoke WordPress website, you can have any design you can imagine. I will help guide you to the right design for your business, but ultimate it’s up to you!


I will build the entire site for you. The only things you will need to supply me are the wording and images for each page. You are the best person to write your website content, you know the most about your business. I will give you a lot of help in advising you on what to write from keyword research, but it is down to you to supply me with the content. You could employ a copywriter to write your content and if you would like a referral, I know a great one.

Mobile Friendly Design

All of my websites are fully responsive and will look great on all devises. This is really important for Google as your mobile site now part of your ranking.


I will install and activate any free plugins you need. Only a very small percentage of my clients require a paid for plugins and I will let you know if this is the case for you.

Page Speed Optimisation

You will get my full Page Speed Optimisation package worth £2,500 when you have a website built by me. Everything is included to make your website code the best it can possibly be for Google, so your website loads in milliseconds. Every trick in my bag will be used to ensure there is no reason for Google to penalise your ranking because of your website code.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) – DNS Hook-Up

I will hook your DNS up to Cloudflare. This is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and will ensure you get the best possible page load speeds.

Keyword Optimisation

Before you write your content, we will discuss your niche. This is the small part of the internet we intend to conquer! Your business might be able to offer a huge number of services to its clients but that is not the best way to market yourself online. There is competition for every keyword out there and if you choose something too general you will get lost in the sea of voices shouting the same thing.

To start with you need to niche down into what part of your business will get people through the door. Its much easier to sell to current clients than new clients so get them onboard with your niche. Me for example, I have niched down into Page Speed Optimisation. You can get a website anywhere, but can you get a good one?

This is where keyword research comes in! I can help you niche down and tell you what to write about. I will then use those keywords through out your website, in the appropriate places.

Google Analytics

I will hook your website up to Google Analytics. We need to make sure we can track your websites statistics and Google Analytics is the most comprehensive way to do this. Then if you wish to delve into Google AdWords or has a specialist in Google Analytics take a look you have all of the data.

Website Monthly Maintenance and Performance Optimisation

All of my WordPress website come with my Standard Monthly Maintenance and Performance Optimisation package. It is £97 per month and covers everything you will need moving forward once the website is built.

Full Support

If you have any questions or need any advice, just ask. I will be more than happy to help with any aspect of your website design. No question is to small or ever to silly.

Does This Mean I Can't Sell Products On One Off Your Brochure Websites?

This is your WordPress Brochure Website, you can have anything you wish on it, apart from a full-blown E-Commerce shop! I have purposefully left it vague on the content of your website because it is totally up to you! (I’m more than happy to give advice where you need it!)

Just to be clear you can still sell products on my brochure websites, but the products are more of the “one-off” variety rather than a catalogue of products with options. For example, courses, subscription boxes, memberships and one-off products are all perfect for one of my brochure websites. If you’re not sure just ask!

N.B. An E-Commerce shop needs different optimisation and consideration when building and designing it.

What Should You Do Now?

If you would like to go ahead and book in for your FREE Web Design Consultation just click below and get booked into my diary. My WordPress brochure website builds start from as little as £5,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes around 6 weeks to complete a brochure website. It really is dependent upon how quickly you can get me your content. 

Unfortunately not, you will need to supply me with your content and images for each page. However, I will help you come up with the content for each page by advising you on what to to write about based on your keywords so all your content has focused. I also have strategy’s to make the writing process easier. 

No, this is not my area of expertise. However if you choose to use a social media expert or a VA (I recommend Kelly Allen of Admin Assassin) you can send them your blogs so they can take out the content they need for your social media posts. Trust me this will make everyone’s life a lot easier! Even if you don’t use a professional you should do this yourself. Talk to me for more advise. 

Yes! That’s area of expertise and you will get a full Page Speed Optimisation package with your website.

Most defiantly, all of my website are responsive and will work on any devise. Google includes your mobile site in its rankings so this is very important.

A deposit of 50% is needed to secure your slot in my diary. The remaining 50% is due after six weeks or when the website goes live, whichever is sooner.

Neil Wightman

Neil Wightman

After having a website company before and them been absolutely useless. I turned to Kellys webdesigns , straight away talking to her , I knew we were going to get along . I would RECOMMEND Kelly to everyone who wants a website . She is professional and reliable, nothing is never to much trouble for her , and from her professional style ive now got a website to be proud of and that will work the way i want it to . I cannot thank Kelly enough ✔️🙂

Faye Vogiatzoglou

Faye Vogiatzoglou

Kelly has been looking after our website for many years. She is very proactive and has always been able to sort things out efficiently and quickly. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is starting out but also to people with an established business. Her maintenance package gives me peace of mind and I know that my website is protected. Finally I found someone who can help me make my business website work for my business. Thank you Kelly. 🙂

Debbie Heron

Debbie Heron

I have known Kelly for several years it is obvious that she is passionate about her business. She always puts her customers first and is a pleasure to work with.

Astral Fitness Sports Massage

Astral Fitness Sports Massage

Kelly has been a godsend to me for getting my website from a rickety one I put together, to something that is definitely a lot more polished and exactly what I need for my business going forward. Kelly answered all my questions, even the same ones again when I had forgotten and I just love the energy she brings to something that can be quite a dry subject to discuss. Thank you Kelly.

Deepa Rodrigues

Deepa Rodrigues

“Kelly helped me update and freshen up my website. She managed to do in a few weeks what I had struggled with for months! Kelly was great to work with, always available to answer any questions and take direction.
I would recommend her if you ever needed any work doing on your website or any guidance.



Kelly helped with various aspects of my website and I can highly recommend her! I was totally impressed by her technical knowledge that has far surpassed any other designers I have worked with before. She went above and beyond to make sure my website got sorted. I’m looking forward to continue using Kelly for any website related issues or projects. I feel really lucky to have found such a gem! There’s lots of unreliable, underhand designers out there who are just out there to trap you and get you to spend more money. She is totally dedicated and genuine, excellent value for money too. It can be really stressful if you work with the wrong company/person as I have unfortunately found, but she took the stress out of it! Thanks Kelly!! Xx