Monthly Maintenance & Optimisation Package

A speedy, well coded website with Regular, relevant new content is what Google is looking for, I can help you get there

Don’t let your website be something you let fall by the wayside because you aren’t sure what to do.
I can help!

Why Do You Need a Monthly Maintenance & Optimisation Package

Maintaining your websites performance and code is essential for any website wishing a good rank in Google. One of the fastest ways to spot a website that isn’t performing is to check when the code was last updated. Also, not maintaining your website leaves you open to all sorts of internet nasties – think hackers.

So, if the code on your website is always needing to be updated / changed to protect you, you therefore must regularly check and tweak your websites performance because the code has changed. When your WordPress core code gets updated, the designers are looking at the code from a security point of view – thank God! It is then up to you to implement it in the right way for your website. The same applies for Plugin updates, it would be great if every Plugin was written optimised for your website, but that’s just a pipe dream!

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it! I’ve not even delved into blog uploads, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), social media sharing, automations, keyword planning, online marketing and the other dozen things involved in using your website to it full potential and actually getting you sales!

Luckily, I Offer Different Levels Of Maintenance Packages
To Get You On The Right Track!

Packages Types:



One Blog Per Week Uploaded

Minor Changes

Full Support

Weekly Backups

Security Updates

WordPress Core Code Updates

Six Monthly Performance Updates

Free Creative Connections Membership

Weekly Performance Checks

Six Monthly Performance Updates

Monthly Performance Updates

Six Monthly Keyword Check

Monthly Keyword Check

Monthly Blog Title Suggestions

Monthly Strategy & Performance Session – 4 hours

30 Minute Monthly Accountability Zoom Call

If I Built Your Website:

Ongoing Website Hosting Costs

Ongoing Domain Name Costs

*If I Didn’t Build Your Website:

Content Delivery Network (CDN) – DNS Hook-Up

Optimisation Plugins Installed

*If I built your website the below are already on your website!

That's Great Kelly But What Does It All Mean -
How Much Will I Have To Do?

I won’t lie, no matter what package you take there will be something I need from you – Content! I will need you to write your blog content and supply me with at least one image for it. But as for the rest, leave it with me!

What is included in The Monthly Maintenance &
Optimisation Packages

One Blog Per Week Uploaded

Just send me your blog title, your 300-word (minimum) blog and an image. We will upload your blog with full optimisation to give you the best ranking chances possible. Regularly updating your website with new content is the best way to increase traffic from search engines. Your blog is the place to add this new content. Just pop it over and I will get it uploaded!

Minor Changes

If you don’t want to make any changes to your website yourself, you don’t have to! All minor changes are included – totalling no more than 60 mins per month.

Full Support

If you have any questions or need any advice, just ask. I will be more than happy to help with any aspect of your website. Don’t sit there stressing that you have used up your minor changes time, I can talk you through most things you will want to do.

Weekly Backups

Backups are essential, unfortunately there are people on the web who make a living from hacking website. They piggyback on your hosting and website to promote their own cause/product. If the worse does happen and you don’t have a backup of your website, you could be looking at hundreds of pounds to fix the issue. With my backup system I guarantee that if you are hacked, I will have your website up and running within 48 hours for no extra cost. I am committed to protecting my clients as much as possible from this crime therefore I look at backing up your website as an insurance policy, it is important to us that you have peace of mind.

Security, WordPress Core Code and Plugin Updates

Your WordPress website will be at a higher risk of hacking if you don’t keep your website updated with the latest code updates. Unfortunately, it is not always a simple as pressing the update button. With multiple updates you can often have conflict issues where one Plugin has an update, but another is yet to catch up. We take the hassle of keeping track of all this by doing it for you.

Free Creative Connections Membership

Does just what it says on the tin! You will have free membership to my website and social media help group – Creative Connections. I run it in conjunction with Kelly Allen from Admin Assassin who does the social media side of things. We meet in person once a month and go through everything you need to be doing on your website. No matter what stage your website / social media is at, we will help you get to that next stage and use your tech to its full potential to get you more sales.

Weekly Performance Checks

Each week after I have updated and backed up your website, I will run it through the Gtmetrix website. I take note of your score and if there is anything urgent it will be flagged up here so we can solve whatever the issue might be.

Performance Updates - Six Monthly and Monthly

With my Standard Package, every six months I will perform any updates the Weekly Performance Check flags up. If anything urgent comes up before your six month update please don’t panic I will let you know and we can decide how we move forward.

With my VIP Package I will update any performance issues that the Weekly Performance Check flags up monthly rather than six monthly.

Keyword Check - Six Monthly and Monthly

When you sign up for either of my maintenance packages we will go through your keywords and what niche you would like to start with. With either package you get a six-month review of these keywords to see how they are working and if any changes need to be made for the next six months.

With the VIP package I will also look at how your keywords are doing on a monthly basis as part of the Monthly Strategy and Performance Session. This means we can make decisions with greater accuracy about which keywords to focus on.

Monthly Blog Title Suggestions

This is for my VIP Packages only! I will take the keyword research we are doing each month and suggest what your blogs titles should be for the next month. You choose the topic for the whole month – we can also work together on your topics from the keyword research – and then I will come up with four blog titles around that topic. You don’t have to use the blog titles, I won’t be offended! They are there to help steer you in the right direction and spark imagination.

Monthly Strategy and Performance Session - 4 hours

Again another one for my VIP Packages only. This is the meat and potatoes of my VIP package! In my standard package it is really up to you to come up with the strategy and plan for your website and then to execute it (with my tech help). With my VIP package I will help you come up with the strategy and plan. We will talk about objectives for your website and what your ultimate goals are and then work out a plan to get there. We will go through content planning and having a real focus to your blogs. I will help you navigate the murky waters of online marketing and let you know what you really should be doing to promote your website. I will also look in depth into your keywords and look for niche keywords that you can use for increased sales. Sales funnels and landing pages will also be implemented so you can focus your online marketing. Basically not only will I look after the website itself as if it were my own but I will help you tell everyone else about it to!

30 Minute Monthly Accountability Zoom Call

Another one for my VIP Packages only! As part of any endeavour that is not strictly part of our business’s accountability is hugely important. I think as business owners we have a million and one things to do, (throw in a home life and its x100) and keeping up with your website is not top priority. I might like to ague a little with that, but I can understand! So, to make sure that everyone is on track and to go through the strategy and plan each month we have a 30-minute accountability Zoom / call. Really its just a chat to make sure everything is okay on your end and to see if there is anything I can do to help support you. We also go through how last month went and what the plans are for the next month.

If I Built Your Website

If I built your website and your hosting and domain are both held by me then the ongoing costs are covered in both packages. If your hosting or domain name are held else where it your responsibility to cover the costs.

If I Didn't Build Your Website

If I didn’t build your website you will have your hosting and domain name costs covered else where. However I will install optimisation Plugins as well as, installing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Hook-up to your DNS.

*If I built your website the above are already on your website!

Is Your Website Eligible For One Of My Monthly Maintenance & Optimisation Package

I can only maintain a website to the standard it is currently performing at. If your website has terrible performance scores just implementing one of my maintenance packages won’t improve your scores significantly enough. The aim of my monthly maintenance and optimisation packages is to maintain your website and keep it the best it can be for Google. If it isn’t already the best it can be for Google, we are just flogging a dead horse!

Therefore, if your website isn’t scoring 90% or above within GTmetrix your website will need one of my Page Speed Optimisation Packages to get you where you need to be. If your not sure whether you need Page Speed Optimisation just click the quiz link below to find out and I will send you a FREE Page Speed Optimisation Report!

standard monthly
maintenance & optimisation


Get over 6 hours* of my dedicated time each month (FYI my hourly rate is £100 per hour) – that’s unheard of for this price!! The reason I offer this package at this price point is to allow everyone access to my skills. My mission is for every UK business owner (with a website) to know how well their website performs and to have a strategy to improve / maintain it. This package is my aim to fulfil that mission and help UK business owners.

I am only able to take on 4 websites per month to make sure I give the best experience to all of my customers. So don’t delay as slots fill up fast!

This price is for a WordPress Brochure website

*Compare to if you were to purchase the services individually

VIP monthly
maintenance & optimisation


Unfortunately I just don’t have the time in my diary to take anymore clients after my last 3 spots are taken. This is a very intensive package that requires a lot of dedication from both me and you. If you are not willing to put the time in needed to get your website its top ranking in Google, this is NOT the package for you. I am only looking for business owners who want to make their website work for them and generate sales / leads.

Get over 15 hours* of my dedicated time each month to maintain, optimise and give your website the best chance of getting top ranking in Google.

This price is for a WordPress Brochure website

*Compare to if you were to purchase the services individually

What Should You Do Now?

If everything you have heard sounds just up your street and your ready to get your website working for your business, then  choose your Monthly Maintenance & Optimisation Package below and get booked into my diary. Book in your FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your website eligibility for my Website Maintenance Packages or whether a Page Speed Optimisation Packages is required first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both packages are for a fix 12 months and then it’s a rolling month by month contract.

Not necessarily. If your website has over a 90% performance score on GTMetrix and Page Speed Insights, then you are good to go! I can only maintain your website to the standard it is currently at. If your websites performance scores are bad my maintenance packages won’t get you to where you need to be alone, you will need the Page Speed Optimisation Package.

If you’re not sure whether your website need a Page Speed Optimisation Package, take my quiz, and find out! – Click Here

Unfortunately not, you will need to supply me with your blog content and images each week. However, I will help you come up with topics to write about based on your keywords so all your content has focused. I also have strategy’s to make the writing process easier.  I suggest that you write your whole month in one go for me so we can get it scheduled and you can focus on your social media plan. Blogs need to be a minimum of 300 words so its not a huge amount. It takes me around 2 hours a months to write my content. Talk to me for more advise.

No, this is not my area of expertise. However if you choose to use a social media expert or a VA (I recommend Kelly Allen of Admin Assassin) you can send them your blogs so they can take out the content they need for your social media posts. Trust me this will make everyone’s life a lot easier! Even if you don’t use a professional you should do this yourself. Talk to me for more advise. 

Yes! With my standard package updates will be made every 6 months and with my VIP package they will be done on a monthly basis. Don’t fear I have tried to cover every accept of website maintenance, so you just need to worry writing that content!

I will send my bank details over to you and then you will need to set up a standing order for the 1st of each month.

Debbie Heron

Debbie Heron

I have known Kelly for several years it is obvious that she is passionate about her business. She always puts her customers first and is a pleasure to work with.



Kelly helped with various aspects of my website and I can highly recommend her! I was totally impressed by her technical knowledge that has far surpassed any other designers I have worked with before. She went above and beyond to make sure my website got sorted. I’m looking forward to continue using Kelly for any website related issues or projects. I feel really lucky to have found such a gem! There’s lots of unreliable, underhand designers out there who are just out there to trap you and get you to spend more money. She is totally dedicated and genuine, excellent value for money too. It can be really stressful if you work with the wrong company/person as I have unfortunately found, but she took the stress out of it! Thanks Kelly!! Xx