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Website Maintenance

Website Monthly Maintenance – It is very important to keep your website updated and maintained. If you don’t look after your website, you are at higher risk of being hacked.
You will also find it very difficult to rank in search engines, such as Google. Consequently, all our websites have a monthly maintenance package attached to them. As a result, this give our customers the best chance possible to get the most out of their website.
All of our website include a mandatory website monthly maintenance package. Costing £69.00 per month. However, we are happy to take on maintenance clients who had their website built elsewhere.

Included In Our Website Maintenance​

Package £69.00 per month

* minimum 12 month contract

Performance SEO Including

Performance SEO to website – This is all about making your website structure – the code your website is written in, the best it can be for Google. Unfortunately, Google changes its algorithm (the code it uses to make the search work) around once every 6 months. Therefore, what was perfect for Google last year, might not be now. With this package we will get you up to date with the best practice code for Google and implement all of the recommendations from external website testing resources. Please see list below of testing resources we use:
Essentially, with this package your websites code is pulled apart and put back together again in the perfect order for Google. A website can work and look exactly the same but have the order of the code set incorrectly for Google. This not only has an impact for Google but also for your Page Load Speed. All of the implementations involved are about making your website load as fast as possible and be as accessible as possible. This is what Google is looking for from Website Performance. If you can get this bit perfect for Google then you are only competing with your competitors websites on keywords and the content within the websites. However, you can be penalised by Google for having the website code set correctly, therefore by doing this you can get a ‘leg up’ on your competitors.

SSL Certificate – In 2018 Google set out a new directive that it wanted all of the website within its searches to be as secure as possible and called for all reputable website to add an SSL certificate. The theory being that the scam website won’t pay out the yearly fee and will become more easily indefinable. This does however mean that if you don’t have one you will eventually damage your reputation with Google and may not be listed in the future. It is a little annoying as not every website technically needs an SSL certificate but for your websites reputation it is best to have one.

Yoast SEO Plugin – This plugin is added to all our website; it is easy to use and allows you to add all of the necessary data for optimising your keywords – classic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). However, it is also very time consuming because every page on your website need addressing with meta data and keywords. We will enter all the necessary data into Yoast for you. All you need to do is supply us with the keywords and data you would like to use, and we will facilitate inputting the data for you.

Addition of Social Media Plugins and Links – If you don’t already have all your social media linked.

Ongoing Website Hosting Costs

Never worry about paying a hosting bill – Domain name must be held by a Kellys-Webdesigns account to qualify.

Ongoing Domain Name Costs

Domain name must be held by a Kellys-Webdesigns account to qualify.

Ongoing Plugin Costs

Never worry about paying for your plugins.

Ongoing Email Address Costs

By looking after your domain name through Kellys-Webdesigns we are able to offer you unlimited emails address on your website domain name at no extra cost.

X4 Blog Uploads Per Month

Just send us your blog title, 300 words blog and an image. We will upload your blog with full SEO to give you the best ranking possible. Regularly updating your website with new content is the best way to increase traffic from search engines and your blog is the place to add this new content. Just pop it over and we will get it uploaded!

Minor Changes

If you don’t want to make any changes to your website yourself, you don’t have to! All minor changes are included – totalling no more than 30 mins per month.

Full Support

If you have any questions or need any advice, just ask and we will be more than happy to help with any aspect of your website.

Weekly Backups

Backups are essential, unfortunately there are people on the web who make a living from hacking website and piggybacking on your hosting and website to promote their own cause/product. If the worse does happen and you don’t have a backup of your website, you could be looking at hundreds of pounds to fix the issue. With our backup system we guarantee that if you are hacked, we will have your website up and running within 48 hours for no extra charge. We are committed to helping our clients as much as possible from this crime therefore we look at this as an insurance policy, it is important to us that you have peace of mind.

Security Updates

Your new website will be at a higher risk of hacking if you don’t keep your website updated with the latest security updates. Unfortunately, it is not always a simple as pressing the update button, with multiple updates you can often have conflict issues where one Plugin has an update, but another is yet to catch up. We take the hassle of keeping track of all this by doing it for you.

WordPress Maintenance

As with security updates WordPress itself needs updating, this is not only for security issues, but it is also essential to make sure the code for your website is the most up to date available.

Free Creative Connections Membership

Come along to Creative Connections each month for free – usual price £10 per 2-hour session. Creative Connections is a group to help you organise your blogs and social media, as well as any web design questions you might have. We also have Kelly Allen from Admin Assassin as co-host. The aim of the group is to get website owners blogging and using their website to its full potential.

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