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More and more people are asking me if they NEED an SSL certificate?

Problem: They don’t generate a lot of sales or leads from their website. It seems almost pointless having a website, and now there is another cost – an SSL Certificate?

Firstly, I would ask, how often do you add a new blog or news item to your website? If you never add new content and if your honest, rarely look at your website. I would say don’t bother. It will just be another cost that won’t really help. Most people don’t really NEED an SSL certificate. Their websites don’t need the encryption as they aren’t using / keeping anyone’s personal data.

Why do I say this?

Google and other search engines want to differentiate websites and rank them. They use an algorithm to do this and it is constantly being updated. Most of all they want website with good relevant content, and website owners who care about their websites to be at the top. There are many things they use to determine who cares, who doesn’t. And who is trying to just get to the top without any work! One of the biggest factors towards ranking is regularly updated new content. This shows you are keeping your website up-to-date and that you care.
Therefore, if you don’t know the last time you uploaded a blog was, adding an SSL certificate won’t help your rankings a huge lot. You will probably be in the same position with or without it – nowhere!

Sorry to come down hard on those who aren’t great bloggers! But I am VERY passionate about everyone knowing what they should be doing with their website! A website can be a huge investment and if you don’t use it the right way, you may never make a profit from it. You would never have 2000 flyers printed, never give them out and then wonder why your flyers didn’t work! The same can be said about websites. If you have a website built and then never give it any time or attention, Google will give you the same amount of time and attention – none.
I totally understand that some people don’t know what to do, but rest assured, there will be many more blogs to help you along your way!

So back to SSL Certificates!!

Essentially, they add an extra level of encryption to your website to “secure” your website. Once added, you will see HTTPS instead of HTTP in your domain name. Along with the padlock and “secure” wording.

So why are SSL Certificates important now?

2016 saw two different Google representatives advocated for HTTPS: Maile Ohye in a joint BrightEdge webinar “A View from Google” called HTTPS a “requirement”. Speaking on the main stage at Share16 in October, Thao Tran said “HTTPS and making sure your site is secure is an imperative at this point… Google will start marking things non-secure… The future of the web is a secure one, and so make sure people in your organization understand HTTPS, and it should be on the road map” for 2017.

Now we are in 2018 and website are being marked as non-secure as well as stop pages being added. This is a warning page telling your visitors they are about to use a non-secure website and warning them not to visit. There may be nothing nasty on the website at all, the only sin is there is no SSL certificate.

Recommendation – SSL Certificate

Therefore, I am recommending to all my clients to have an SSL certificate added to their website. Avoiding the stop pages being the biggest reason. Nothing will kill your leads and sales more than Google warning people not to visit!

However, I stand by my first point, there is no point adding an SSL certificate to your website if you don’t update new content regularly. If you’re barely ranking on Google, most likely no one will click through to see any stop pages.

If you would like any more info on adding an SSL certificate to your website, please get in touch – 07894 112 567.

Let me know!

Thank you for reading this week’s blog. Do you have any questions about SSL certificates? Pop over to my Facebook group and let me know –

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Until next time, happiness is fleeting, strive for contentment. Gowns on!

Kelly (Your WordPress Queen) x

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