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What Is Your Website’s Bounce Rate?

Did you know that Google measures how long people spend on your website? Did you know this has a big impact on your Google ranking?

In fact, one of the main dashboard measurements on Google Analytics is your Bounce Rate. This is how many people (as a percentage) click your link in Google and either don’t wait for the page to load or leave immediately.

This affects your Google ranking because Google’s aim is to match the searcher with the most relevant correct information. If people come to your website but don’t stay to look and read your content, Google assumes you don’t have relevant or correct information. This will move you down in the rankings.

So, if your website doesn’t load quickly (your page speed) you can get stuck will a big bounce rate. Not because you don’t have relevant correct content but because people are leaving your website without even seeing it, because the page takes too long to load.

What Is Your Website’s Bounce Rate?

You could be doing everything right but not seeing the results you want because you page speed is to slow. How slow is to slow? If your website takes over 1.2 seconds to load you will get a negative bounce rate score.

To find out if your page speed is an issue for your website, you can get my Free Page Speed Review, just click the button below to request one. I will send you a report outlining the issues, if any, with your page speed.

If you don’t know what the problem is its really hard to solve it. If your not getting the sale and leads you want from your website, grab a free page speed review and lets get that website working for your business.

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