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Who owns your domain name? Are you sure its you?

Who owns your domain name? Are you sure its you?

Who owns your domain name? Unfortunately, not every webdesigner out there is looking out for their client’s best interests. Don’t worry, I’m not here to bash the competition and have a moan! I just wanted to share a story with you that happened to a new client of mine.

After a year of terribly service, thousands of pounds spent and countless stress my client decided they couldn’t work with their current webdesigner anymore. I was recommended to them and after an initial meeting, they decided to go ahead and use my business. Their previous webdesigner was based in India and this had cause them many issues. Therefore, as my business is based in Leicestershire and is less than a mile away it seemed liked a great fit from the start.

So, we started the process and I looked into how their website is currently being hosted and who has control of their domain name. After a little research, I found out that my new client didn’t own their domain name! Consequently, they had a problem.

This came as a blow to them as they had trusted the previous webdesign company. Furthermore, the previous webdesign company had registered my new client’s domain name, in the webdesign company name. Therefore, on the official WHOIS database my new clients aren’t the registered owners and have no rights, it belonged to the previous webdesign company.

Who owns your domain name? Kellys-Webdesigns

This is not an uncommon story and can be complicated and costly to fix. Furthermore, what usually happens is the webdesign company charge you a huge amount to release your domain to you. Consequently, with no other option, most people are forced to pay this or stay with a company who is providing poor service.

So please check and make sure you own your domain name. You can check here –

All you need to do is enter your domain into the box and press “Search”. If you don’t see your details and information, contact your website provider straight away. Even if there is no problem now, if you wish to move away in the future you will need control.

In addition if you register or anyone ever registers a domain name for you, please make sure it is in the correct business name. Please ask, double check!

Don’t forget you can always come along to Creative Connections where me and Kelly Allen from Admin Assassin are on hand, in person to help with your questions and queries for everything Social Media and Web Design.

Thank you for reading this week’s blog.

Until next time,

Kelly x

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