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Business Beginnings! Where should I start? The market stall selling stuff I loved but nobody wanted to buy! Or the computer building businesses where I managed to melt a motherboard!?

Hello, my merry band of misfits, My business beginnings, like many, wasn’t smooth sailing to the business I have now. It took me a little while to find web design. I dabbled in a few businesses before I did what I always used to do when I wanted information – I went to the library.

These days Google of course is my go-to, but back then I really wasn’t very interested in the web and computers. I could use a computer but hadn’t really thought of using one to build a career. So, I got a book out of the library, Web Design for Dummies to be exact! Then I fell down the rabbit hole for 3 days – nobody saw me, I didn’t talk to anyone I just went through the book cover to cover.

Business Beginnings – Coding

Finally I had found what I was going to do! Coding made total sense to me and I could build the type of business I needed with this skill.

For me, I think of coding as more of a passion than a skill. I love to figure out why something isn’t working. I do get people who ask me to fix website code for them or to integrate plugins and this is the type of work I enjoy the most. It is difficult and frustrating, but there is no greater high for me than when the code runs, and it works just how you want it to.

Building websites from scratch is my bread and butter but there is so much more that I help people with. I now specialise in Performance Optimisation which looks at the performance of your code to make sure it is optimal for Google. If your website code doesn’t load in a specific order, you can be penalised by Google. Or your website could take longer to load than it needs to.


Don’t forget you can always come along to Creative Connections where me and Kelly Allen from Admin Assassin are on hand, in person to help with your questions and queries for everything Social Media and Web Design.

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Until next time, happiness is fleeting, strive for contentment. Gowns on!

Kelly (Your WordPress Queen) x

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