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Hello and welcome to this weeks blog – What’s better WordPress or a Drag and Drop Website Builder?

I mainly work with WordPress; this is an open-source platform. This means that volunteers work on the code, and it will 100% editable at every level so people like me can change the code when necessary. There is no cost to downloading WordPress it is free to everyone. That being said there is a learning curve to using WordPress and just getting to grips with the program and the set up can be tricky. However, once I have the website set up for a client it is then relatively easy to use. It isn’t a “straight out of the box” product and needs to be set up on hosting.

Other popular types of websites are the “drag and drop” style that has popped up recently, Wix, Squarespace and Shopify for example. These types of websites are initially low cost and a lot easier to use than WordPress.

The main thing I consider when building websites is how far the build will be able to take you. How long before the website is no longer suitable and needs a redesign? With WordPress the scope is your imagination. As long as the code is kept up to date you will be able to use the website for anything you need – more or less.

With a drag and drop website, in my experience you have about 18 months before you will outgrow it. This is because you will get to a point where you will need more optimisation than the platform can offer. With these types of websites, you aren’t able to alter the code in anyway. This makes them low cost but inflexible. You aren’t able to tweak the code which leaves you in the same position as everyone else on the platform.

What’s better WordPress or a Drag and Drop Website Builder?

So, for me WordPress wins every time, unless cost in an issue. Yes, you can set up for cheaper using a drag and drop but you will pay twice and have to design the site twice as you can’t take the design from a drag and drop builder, you don’t own it (unlike WordPress).

If you think you could be doing more but are not sure where to start, drop me a message [email protected] and I will be more than happy to help.

Let me know!

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