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Vision? I don’t have the time to think about the vision of my business, I’m too busy doing business! I just need to get through the next month.
Hello, my merry band of misfits! This week’s blog – Do you have a vision for your business?

This was very much my mindset. I build websites and get paid for it, what do I need a vision for? Turns out I think I needed to change my mindset!

The analogy everyone always uses is that of a sat-nav and going on a journey, you need to know where you’re going to get there. But to me the vision of my business is very much a feeling. Where I want to be in 5 years – 10 years isn’t so much about what I have or what I’ve done, but how I want to feel.

Do you have a vision for your business?

I want to feel contented with my life. I want to feel I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing and helping everyone I can along the way.

So, the vision for my business is to help business owners understand the importance of their websites.

I know it’s a simple statement but to me they are very powerful words. Most business owners I have worked with in the past know they need a website, but they don’t really know why. Part of my job is to educate my clients in how to use their websites to get the best from them, to know why.

Why spend all that time, effort and money on a fabulous website and then not use it? It can be a businesses most profitable sales tool. It doesn’t need paying (well maintenance and hosting fees aside), it doesn’t require sleep and best of all, it will always say exactly what you want it to say! Not even you can do that!

What’s Your Vision?

Thank you for reading this week’s blog. What’s your business vision? Pop over to my Facebook group and let me know –

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Until next time, happiness is fleeting, strive for contentment. Gowns on!

Kelly (Your WordPress Queen) x

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