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Matt Elwell’s Open with a Close Event

My Adventure – Matt Elwell’s Open with a Close Event

So, last week I went on another adventure! I went to Matt Elwell’s Sales Accelerator one day course. I saw Matt Elwell speak at the Expert Empires event I went to in London back in September. As we all do, I was a bit reluctant to hear a salesman speak (what was he going to sell me!) but, even though I did buy something there was a really good reason why I did!

I thought what he had to say would help my business and the one-day course was free (for transparency you pay £99 to reserve your spot and as long as you show up on the day they give you your money back – they really do!)

Open With A Close

Most who know me know I’m very excitable and will jump-on-board to any hairbrained scheme. But this time it was a winner!

I never really appreciated the sales process and what it feels like when it goes well and what it feels like when it doesn’t.

I never really thought there was more I could do. People either want me to build them a website or they didn’t. Whilst this is still true, the way I approach the client and how I feel going into the process is really VERY important.

Can’t wait to do the full 3-day course – I booked straight on. I’m always very nervous about spending money, especially on “coaching” but I’ve already seen what its all about and I think it might just be what I need to move my business forward.

Sales Training

I’ve been purposefully vague about what I learnt. I WILL share any pearls of wisdom or lightbulb moments I have, just waiting until I’ve done the full thing! Stand By!

If anyone fancies trying the free day course just call Matt (a different Matt, I know its confusing!) on 0736 602789 and he will get you booked on!

I’m not sure if there are any spots left on the 3-day course I’m doing on 2nd – 4th of November but Matt will know – Elite Closing Academy

Sales Training

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Until next time, happiness is fleeting, strive for contentment. Gowns on!

Kelly x

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