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Did you know you can test your website to see how well its doing in search engines such as Google?

Website ranking has gotten very complicated in the last few years. With AI creating its own rules, how are you supposed to keep up? Fortunately, there are some very cleaver programmers who look at Google algorithm and create tools to allow us to test our websites. The biggest thing to remember is that none of these tools are actually Google, they are just the closeted we can get to Googles results. That being said they are a very good indicator as to what we can improve on our website.

GTmetrix Results

GTmetrix is the tool I use to test mine and my client’s websites on a weekly basics to check the performance (optimization).

After you have entered your URL for testing you will get two percentage results in the GTmetrix Grade box – Performance and Structure. You are looking for both of these results to be above 80% (in the green) – preferably above 90%.

Performance looks at your analytics, browser and hardware specifications – your sever and cache policies mainly.

Structure looks at the performance of the page – how fast it loads, what types of scripts (files) you have running, images.

Other Scores

You also get three other scores in the Web Vitals box. LCP, TBT and CLS.

LCP looks at how long it takes the largest file on your page to load, whatever that file maybe. This is where you want your website to load in under 1.2 seconds.

TBT looks at the files on your page and whether there are any conflicts and if this courses blocking time. Or files that are uploaded that aren’t used on the page – plugins can add a lot of extra files to every page but then aren’t used on every page.

CLS looks at the layout shift on your page. This is about blank spaces that appear when your page is resized.

All scores use the traffic light system, green being where you want to be.

What to do if you have low scores

This doesn’t mean you necessarily have a bad website. You could have just never edited any of your image sizes before you uploaded them. Your first port of call is to always check how big your images are. This is usually the easiest thing to change that will make the biggest difference.

How do I resize my images before I upload them to my website?

Don’t worry I have you covered! I’ve created a video course that shows you exactly what to do. And even better I’m going to give you £10 off with this discount code: FAB

Just add the discount code to the basket at checkout and get The Easy Way To: Optimize Images For Your Website – Video Course for just £20 instead of £30.

Click the link below and add the course to your basket!

The Easy Way To: Optimize Images For Your Website – Video Course

If you need any help along the way, just drop me an email, I’m here to help! Let’s get those GTmetrix scores in the green!

Let me know!

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Until next time, happiness is fleeting, strive for contentment. Gowns on!

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