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“What makes a good website?” I get asked this question A LOT. Of course, there are the measurable basics like page speed and performance but:
My answer is always, “It depends on what you want the website to do.”

I find a lot of my clients never really think about what they want their website to do, they only know they NEED one for business.

Now, I am going to be very controversial here and say you don’t NEED a website. However, if you do have one it will make your business journey easier, and you will potentially gain clients faster (why the “potentially” disclaimer? It depends on what you want the website to do!)

What makes a good website?

A lot of people just want a shop front, a place for people to find their business online and that’s it. Whilst this is a totally valid reason to have a website, your website can be so much more. The clients I have who have a shop front website rarely interact with them and always feel their websites are a burned which has never worked for them. But as I like to say:

I could give you a magic flyer that was guaranteed to make a sale anytime someone saw it. But if you never showed it to anyone you would have a very hard time making sales.

This is the issue for those “shop front” clients. They never share their website URL, they never post blogs and they hardly ever get any clients from their websites.

The Catch-22

Unfortunately, the catch-22 is clients only tend to want to interact with their websites once they start working for them and getting clients. Once they can see that all the hard work is paying off, they are far happier to keep going with the blogs. But it can take up to 12 months to get to this position.

So, for me, what makes a good website? One that you (the client) will want to interact with. One that you will write blogs for and one you will happily share to social media is first and foremost. Then it is about what you want the website to do. Do you want more niche clients or just traffic in general? What is the final product you want to exchange for money? What is your business ethos? All of these things go into my build process, so you not only get a website that does what it needs to do, but one that is aligned with you.

What makes a good website owner?

Rather than thinking about what makes a good website, think about what makes a good website owner. Are you a good website owner? Do you write and post new content (blogs) to your website regularly? Are you sharing your website URL’s? Do you have specific landing pages?

If you think you could be doing more but are not sure where to start, drop me a message [email protected] and I will be more than happy to help.

Let me know!

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Until next time, happiness is fleeting, strive for contentment. Gowns on!

Kelly (Your WordPress Queen) x

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