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It’s what your website needs! You need to feed your website regular content for it to grow and work for your business.

Blogging is the best way to get your website to work for your business. By blogging regularly, you will fulfil many of Googles “wants” in its algorithm and get your website to rank more highly.

Google wants to put the people searching in front of the right websites. They want to be the best search engine and to do this Google had to come up with the best “rules for a good website” they could, this is their algorithm. A big part of this is looking for websites that add content regularly.

Why does Google want websites to add regular content?

Think about the things that can be monitored on a website. What would you say would show that you’re the best website in your niche? If everyone has the same number of pages saying more or less the same things, what would you, as Google, look for to see which is the best? The more you blog, the more relevant content and keywords you are adding to your website, showing you know more and therefore are “better” than the next website.

Is it as simple as that?

Yes! Of cause Google has over the years refined its rules on what a good blog post is, but any regular blog post is better than none. As long as its relevant to your niche. Don’t be blogging about apples if you sell oranges!

Tips for a “good” blog post:

  1. Each blog should be between 300 – 600 words (600 is preferred)
  2. Blog posts should have at least one image
  3. Include an internal and external link in each blog post
  4. Include titles in your blogs using the <h2>  (heading 2) tag
  5. You should use a keyword only once within your website – unique keyword per blog.

Make sure your website is more than a pretty picture

Most websites cost a lot of time or money to create. Once the website is live, most people think the job is done, they have a website – box ticked.


Most websites cost a lot of time or money to create. Once the website is live, most people think the job is done, they have a website – box ticked.

Your website can be so much more, it SHOULD be so much more! By blogging regularly and increasing your Google ranking you will attract more clients. There is no better online lead than a Google lead. The person is actively looking for your product / service. They had to search to find you, they are motivated. Don’t leave money on the table every month because people aren’t finding your website.

If you don’t know where to start with blogging, I have a FREE blog planning mini course, with a 12-month plan planner. You are 44% more likely to take action if you have a plan, so I have made you a plan!

Just run through the mini course and you will see how you can create all your blog content for the month in just 2 hours. If you cut out all the thinking time (staring at a blank screen time) because you know what you are going to write about, you will be surprised how quickly your blogs will come together.

Just click this link:

Enter your name and email address and the course will be sent to you via email for the next few days! Don’t forget to check your spam / junk / promotions folder just in case!

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Until next time, happiness is fleeting, strive for contentment. Gowns on!

Kelly (Your WordPress Queen) x

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